Preise Kurse Asia Sport Center ASC

Preise Kurse Asia Sport Center

10 % student discount from 18 years with valid ID

Course passes are available on a one-year as well as a half-year basis. (The one-year pass is less expensive than 2 half-year passes). Monthly passes are also available.

Students between 18-26 years of age (and with valid student ID) receive a 10% discount on all courses. The discount is not available for fitness passes and is only valid for students of the ETH, University or Fachhoschulen.

3 or more family members profit from a 10% discount (which cannot be cumulated with the student discount, and which is applicable to 6-month and 12-month passes).

There will be a one-time administration charge of Fr. 35.-.

Special arrangements
We try to serve the needs and wishes of our clients and members as best we can. Special arrangements can be made for the price or the duration of your pass.

Please contact us during our regular opening hours or come by personally. We have found a good solution for all who have asked.