The Kobudo weapons were originally used by the residents of the Riu Kiu Islands that are located between Japan and Taiwan. During the Japanese occupation in the last century, the occupying power prohibited the bearing of guns and sabers. However, in order to protect themselves from robbers and highwaymen, the local population converted various tools into weapons. So, for example, they turned the flail that was normally used to thresh rice or soybeans into an efficient weapon: a Nunchaku. Similarly, the walking stick became a Bo. The same story we find with the Confederates who used their pitchforks and flails in battle.


Especially as a complement to the karate training, the exercises with weapons teach a feeling for round, continuous movements. These are a characteristic of the original Chinese style in Karate. In modern karate this tends to be neglected from time to time.


We regularly conduct courses for the following kobudo weapons:Nunchaku, Bo, Sai, Tonfa and Kama





Trial Lesson

Beginners can only enter Kobudo courses when the class with a new weapon. If you are interested in beginning Kobudo, please contact us and we will inform you once a new class starts.