What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a martial art which has been practiced for over centuries in China and has become well-known in the West as an effective method of health improvement. One could describe Tai Chi as a “moving meditation.” As a more complex choreography is learnt, practicing Tai Chi is often perceived as relaxing “brain work”. In a calm setting concentration, coordination and patience are trained with lasting effects.

The slow-motion movements of Tai Chi are not only relaxing, but they also envigorating: holding postures while lifting your arms and legs very slowly is an intense workout for the entire body (especially your legs and feet).

Recent studies have found Tai Chi to be one of the most effective methods to improve balance, proprioception and coordination. In addition, Tai Chi has mental benefits, as it has been shown to improve concentration and memory.

How can I learn Tai Chi?

At Asia Sport Center, we teach „Yang-Style“ Empty Fist* Tai Chi, which is a very slow and relaxed form. You will need to patiently train for one year in order to learn the Short Form (or two, if you wish to learn the Long Form as well), but you will be repaid with better coordination, strength and concentration if you do.

We offer Short Form courses yearly and Long Form courses every two years, as well as Short Form workshops and Long Form training courses for advanced practitioners. Periodically, we also offer special „Weapons“ courses, such as Tai Chi Sword or Wushu Fan Dance.

(* An „Empty Fist“ form is a form without weapons)

Courses for beginners in 2020

The Yang-Style Short Form will be offered in an Thursday evening course starting on September 3, 2020. These courses are open to newcomers, but are also a good training opportunity for those who have already learned the form.





Trial Lessons

New course starting Septembet 3, 2020:
Beginner Shortform
Thursday 19.30-20.30 h