Karate is a martial art, which dates back to ca. 500 AD. Chinese monks, barred from carrying weapons, developed  a special martial art for self-defensefrom derived from gymnastic exercises. This martial art was also considered as path of self-discovery and self-awareness. As a sport Karate is relatively young. Only at the start of this century was the traditional martial art given its form as a combat sport with its own rules in Japan.


In practice and also in competitions winning or losing is not the main concern but rather the focus lies on the development and growth of one’s personality. This is achieved through training in self-control and utmost concentration and precision. Respect for the opponent is the most important part.


Whether you are looking for a recreational sport or simply to improve your  general fitness or self-defense, karate offers to all ages and interests a suitable platform. Karate is exciting for young and old. Because of its versatility, Karate promotes health and wellbeing. That’s why so many young and older people have opted for this sport. Due to its various demands on the body and mind, karate is an ideal balance to the tasks and stress of everyday life: The Karateka trains strength, endurance, speed and agility – making them fit!




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