Kickboxing is a sport that started in the early seventies. It is a mixture of karate, foot-techniques and boxing fist-techniques. There is a distinction between semi-, light- and full-contact kickboxing which can include low kicks or not. All four systems are practiced worldwide. Then there are also form-competitions (Kata).

Kickboxing is:

A sporty, fair duel, where according to strict rules, the competitors fight with legs and feet (kicking) and fists (boxing).
A true sport that requires high technical skills, good stamina, tactical intelligence, high moral qualifications, good mobility and a strong will.
A modern sport that has evolved in accordance with the latest scientific findings and which is open to all innovations in the field of modern sports research.
A safe sport, in which protective gear is worn on head, hands, feet, shins, groin/breast which reduces the danger of injuries to a minimum.

In pointfighting kickboxing the hand and foot techniques may only make light contact. Knockout strikes are not allowed. In competitions the fight is interrupted after each point and the competitors wait for the judgement.

The light-contact kickboxing (light contact) differs from pointfighting during competitions, where the fight is only interrupted if rules are violated. Strikes must be light and controlled and all techniques very precise.


Trial Lesson

Beginners  (7 to 13 years)

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Beginners (14 to 18 years)

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