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For an induction ask us at the reception 🙂

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🏆🏆🏆 3rd Basel Cup Kickboxing including Swiss Championships Resultate🏆🏆🏆 Congratulations to all fighters who participated at the tournament on the 22nd of September. It was a successful day! Nora Misteli 🎖1st place kick light w adults A -60 kg 🎖1st place light contact w adults A -60 kg 🎖1st place light contact w adults A 60+…

Congratulations to our kickboxing fighters on their tournament success!!!

Our Karatekids special for winter holiday from 09th February 2019 from 11.00 – 12.00, dojo 3

On Saturday, 17th November 2018 the members of ASC and 5 other dojos had the opportunity to learn about their own skills. Congratulations for the super results!

Since october we have new Tatamis. They’re in new colours and we hope you’ll like them as much as we do.

Saturday, 3rd November at Asia Sport Center from 14.00 – 17.00 h


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