Hung Gar Kung Fu is a martial art which was developed in South China. This style of self-defense is one of the most popular of the Shaolin arts. The art of Kung Fu has been kept secret for generations in the Shaolin Temple. Kung Fu was formerly intended only for those, whom the masters thought worthy of such knowledge. The secret of the Kung Fu was revealed to the outside world only in the 17th century, after the destruction of the Shaolin Temple by the armed forces of the Ching dynasty.


The techniques of Hung Gar include both hard, powerful and soft, round movements. The movements are performed with the whole body, with an emphasis on deep, well rooted positions and powerful upper body movements with hand and arm techniques.


Since the Hung Gar Kung Fu was developed from the Southern Shaolin style, it includes techniques from the 5 animal styles which are all taught by us. The style of the dragon is used to refine the mind. The tiger style serves the development of bones and muscles. The techniques of the leopard train speed, coordination and endurance. The snake style increases vitality and inner strength (chi). Crane style trains the tendons and promotes flexibility. In more advanced techniques, the animals can be combined.




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